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Rainn Wilson Visits Oldham County For Upcoming Movie

OLDHAM COUNTY, Ky. (WAVE 3)– Actor Rainn Wilson, best known for playing Dwight on “The Office”, recently spent time in the Bluegrass for an upcoming movie.

Merry-Kay Poe, a local producer, cast Wilson in her new film called “Don’t Tell A Soul.”

It’s shot in various locations around Oldham County.

Wilson, who’s never spent much time in Kentucky, says he enjoyed the Southern hospitality…

“People in LA are jerks but people in Kentucky are very nice. So I’m thinking about relocating. Do you guys have beaches here anywhere?”

But couldn’t embrace all things Kentucky…

“I don’t do bourbon, horse racing, drinking, partying, anything like that. Everyone else went out to shoot guns. And I went to the monastery.”

Right now there’s no release date for “Don’t Tell A Soul”.

And for all you Office fans –Wilson says don’t get your hopes up for a re-boot,

But he did say there may be a possibility of a reunion of some sorts– like an Office Christmas movie.

You can watch the full interview, here.

Alexia Walters

Alexia Walters

Alexia is the Sunrise Digital Content Producer. She has been with the company since April 2017.
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