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Man Accused Of Breaking Into Woman’s Home, Holding Dog For Ransom

WARREN COUNTY, Ky. (LEX 18)– A man has been arrested after he reportedly stole a dog and held it for ransom.

40-year-old Jarrod Wilkerson is accused of breaking into a woman’s home and stealing a white pit bull.

While the woman was showing surveillance video of the burglary to police, she got a text message threatening to cut the dog’s throat if she didn’t comply with demands.

She responded by making plans to meet at a specific location, but it was deputies who met Wilkerson and arrested him.

He reportedly told police the dispute began over another dog.

He is now facing multiple charges, including burglary.

The dog was found safe inside Wilkerson’s car.

Alexia Walters

Alexia Walters

Alexia is the Sunrise Digital Content Producer. She has been with the company since April 2017.
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