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Neighborhood Watch Steps Up In Pulaski Co.

PULASKI COUNTY, Ky. (LEX 18) Some people in Pulaski County jumped into action and took matters into their own hands after hearing reports of possible break-ins and a burglar on the loose.

Concerned citizens created a neighborhood watch to protect one another.

Their bond was put to the test Wednesday when they got word that an ex-felon by the name of Jeffery Carrender was allegedly breaking into vehicles and homes. by the end of the day, the neighborhood watch had Carrender surrounded.

Now, he’s facing a charge of possession of a concealed weapon by a convicted felon.

If you’re a concerned citizen of Pulaski County and you notice suspicious behavior, the community watch group wants you to contact them. You can do so through the Shopville Volunteer Fire Department.



Bridgett Howard

Bridgett Howard

Bridgett is a web content producer. She was hired in 2015.
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