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November 30, 2018

Football Team Honors Fallen Officer

LEXINGTON, KY (Lex 18) – As Pikeville High School battled for a state football championship in Lexington Friday afternoon, one part of the players’ uniforms symbolized the community’s pain and perseverance over the last year.

On each white helmet you could find a black sticker with a blue line and “Unit 111” on it.


Alaska and Earthquakes

More earthquakes are registered in Alaska each year than in any other state.

Town Prepares To Honor Koeberle Bull

ANDERSON COUNTY, Ky. (LEX 18)– People in Lawrenceburg will be honoring the New Jersey woman credited with foiling a planned school attack in their Christmas parade tomorrow. 

White Officer Indicted For Murder In Killing Of Black Man

DALLAS (AP) – A grand jury on Friday indicted a white former Dallas police officer on a murder charge in the killing of her unarmed black neighbor when she says she mistakenly went to his apartment rather than her own and shot him, according to Dallas County court records.


Wettest Year on Record in Sight

We’re on record watch this weekend! Lexington needs less than 1/2″ to claim the title of the wettest year on record.

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Election Day: May 2019

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Happy Armed Forces Day!

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